Ask A Tech

Ask A Tech is a chance for you to win a free oil change.  Simply submit your question and have your friends rate it here.  If your question is the highest rated you will win a free oil change (good at any of the 21 Tuffy Orlando locations) and get your question answered by one of our technicians.  We select a question every two weeks, so submit your questions for a chance to win.  Winners will have their answered questions removed from the contest.  You cannot win the contest more than one time per year.  You must be logged in through Facebook to submit a questions.

Alexander from Clermont asked us: How can you visibly tell when your tires need air?

Sharee of Orlando asks: If you keep rotating the tires on your vehicle, will the tires last longer?

Shannon of Oviedo asks: How often should I replace my air filter?

Eddy C from Altamonte Springs asks: Why is it important to rotate and balance my tires?

Keeeha from St. Cloud asks: If you don’t get an oil change every 3,000 miles, can this damage your car to where it will start to leak?

Laurie from Orlando asks:  How often do you need to replace your brakes?

Jim F. from Oviedo ask this:  When I start my car, I hear a squeal. What could that be?

Laura M. from Orlando FL writes in to ask:  When I turn my car to the right I hear a clicking noise. What could be causing that?

Kevin from Orlando asks:  When do I need to replace my shocks?

Ken from Winter Garden asks: What brand of oil does Tuffy use? What are the key differences between the name brands?

Elizabeth B asks: How do I know when to get my brake fluid exchanged?